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Christina Brigida has been an active member at University Karate Center ever since she first started training in 1989. Her parents Linda and Bob Brigida, and her sister Gianna, who now trains along side her, have always supported Christina on her quest for Black Belt. Christina is definitely a well known member of the Karate School. She is respected by the staff, her instructors, and all of the other students. She is known for her hard work and perseverance, and from what we hear Christina makes the most of these positive qualities in all aspects of her life.

Her parents describe her as a wonderful child who brings such joy to their lives. She is any parents dream come true. They are so proud of her, "win or lose" and are so glad she shows such good sportsmanship in competition.

Christina has showed her sportsmanship throughout her years at the School. In 1996 Christina started on the tournament team. 1996 was a learning year for her, but even though she did not win a State Championship that year, Christina did not get discouraged. She returned the following year and won the title "State Champion" in her division. Christina still competes and plans to do her best at Mr. Mason’s tournament on April 24th at BCC in Davie.

Besides Karate Christina does many other things to keep her busy. Christina and her sister love to watch T.V. especially Two of a Kind and Full House. She also likes playing kickball, tennis, basketball, and you can often find her climbing up a tree to read.

Christina loves karate and we love having her at the Dojo. She is one of the founding members of our Junior Black Belt Club and is a good example of the Black Belt attitude that all of the members are encouraged to develop. We look forward to the day when young Christina receives her Black Belt.

Six Steps for Successful Belt Exams

When you are striving to become a Black Belt, exam time can be nerve-racking, but with some simple steps, you can prepare yourself for a successful exam.

1. Basics and Combinations – Make sure you have practiced and that you know your basics. You should also rehearse your combinations until you can do them repeatedly without missing a step.

2. Attitude – Realize the value of a positive attitude. You must always strive to impress your Sensei with your winning and positive attitude.

3. Kata – Practice your kata, and take time to perfect each move, within the context of each combination of moves. Visualize the whole routine.

4. Self Defense – Again, during routine practice, you should practice new moves and make sure that you understand them. Be sure that you are are doing all of your pairs techniques properly. Ask the Sensei if you have any questions.

5. Energy Level – Make sure you are well rested and have had a high-energy, healthy snack (fruit, granola bar, etc.) before going to the Dojo. Keeping your energy level high will ensure that you perform at your highest potential.

6. Focus – Focus is extremely important. As all Martial Arts experts know, the body cannot work alone. To maintain focus means keeping your mind sharp and concentrating on the task at hand.

Using these steps before your exam, and keeping them in mind while you are in the learning process, will make your journey to Martial Arts Excellence a rewarding one.

The Artist

I am an artist

But rather than use paint

I dip my brush into a pallet of courtesy


I am an artist

But rather than use a camera

My pictures are taken inside my head- precisely


I am an artist

But rather than use scraps of

Material I paste together a collage of respect


I am an artist

But rather than use a studio

I plan my every move out in the world


You can paint your pictures on


You can snap all your photographs

You can fabricate new creations out of others’ old ones

And you can plan and rehearse

every dance step.


But I’m a Martial Artist

And I’ll be taking a more

Direct Approach


Emily Snyder