a Tournament perspective

Sensei Michael Ahearn, pictured with Sensei Mason, has an awesome record as a Martial Arts competitor. In 1991 Ahearn simultaneously won the Weapons, Forms and Fighting divisions at the Battle of Atlanta, the US Open and the Diamond Nationals. Widely recognized as the three biggest events in the Martial Arts world, this is an unsurpassed achievement. During that same year, in addition to being the National Champion, Ahearn won all three Florida State Titles, a Triple Crown, in Advanced and Black Belt competition. Ahearn had previously won the Triple Crown in Florida as an Intermediate competitor in 1989.

Did you know?

...that sticking to a daily routine frees your mind to be more creative? A regular schedule of activities can also help you to master skills more quickly.

...that Sifu Liu, a 75 year old Chinese Marital Arts champion from China still practices her forms daily? Her favorite forms require flexibility and power. Mrs. Liu, a retired dentist, says, "If I don’t practice, my body doesn’t feel right. So, I always find the time to practice."

Teachings in Karate

A Road to Success

Once you have chosen MuDoKai karate as your way, your path to excellence, embrace it with all of your strength, for it is a path that you will walk for the rest of your life, if you are sincere.

MuDoKai is not just a sport, a hobby, or a pastime. It can not be placed as the last of your priorities right behind field hockey, or golf, or playing computer games. Such a weak approach would be a waste of time for all concerned. MuDoKai is practiced best when it is practiced assiduously.

Never take instruction for granted, since one of the conditions of a student is to make himself or herself, every day, worthy of the teachings he or she is about to receive. To offer the minimum effort to receive the maximum profit is the axiom of an indulgent opportunist and not of a Karateka. Many students have traveled great distances in order to have the opportunity to train. If the opportunity is close to home for you, be sure that you realize your good fortune.

The process of training is in some ways like alchemy. Our goal is to turn the information we receive in the Dojo, into knowledge, through the process of practice. Just as the alchemist turns base metal into gold.

Adapted by Sensei Mason from the maxims of the Daito Ryu Aiki Jutsu

Sensei Joshua Meyer began his training in MuDoKai at the University Karate Center at age three. He achieved his Shodan Ho (Junior Black Belt) at age twelve, and his Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt at age sixteen). He has won five State Titles and two World Titles in Karate.


What is a "principle"?

No, we are not talking about the person who sits in the big office at the front of your school. That’s a "principal." Principles are guidelines you use to decide how you will think, act and live. Your principles say a lot about who you are. The Martial Arts teaches you many. Courage is one example of a principle. Talk to your Sensei, your classmates, and your family and think about what courage means to you.