Video Lessons

With Sensei Robert Heale Mason

Mudokai Curriculum DVD lessons available for :

9th Kyu  $39.99 each

8th Kyu  $39.99 each

7th Kyu  $39.99 each 

6th Kyu  $39.99 each

5th Kyu  $39.99 each

4th Kyu  $39.99 each

3rd Kyu $49.99 each

2nd Kyu $49.99 each

1st Kyu $49.99 each

1st Kyu Pairs Review $29.99 each

1st Dan Nukime Waza #1 $49.99 each

1st Dan Nukime Waza #2 $49.99 each

1st Dan Kata, Kihon Kumite, Oyho Kumite $49.99 each

Review Beginner Kata  (5 Pinans) $39.99

Review Advanced Kata (Kushanku, Nai Hanchi, Seishan, Chinto) $39.99

Wutan Tai Ch Chuan with Sifu Brian Stamp $29.99 each

We still have some videotapes in stock:

Grand Master Series

Featuring Grandmasters Mejic and Suzuki

Grand Master Series 1 $19.95 each

Grand Master Series 2 $19.95 each

Grand Master Series 3 $19.95 each

Ninja Master Intensive

Featuring Grandmaster Hatsumi $29.95 each

Home Video workouts:

Sensei Rodrigo Navarrete Funkicks Tropical $19.99 each

Sensei Rodrigo Navarrete Funkicks on the beach $ 14.99 each

Frank Thiboutot Cardio Kickboxing $19.99 each

Curtis Bush (explosive thin man) $19.95 each

IFKA Teacher Training Video (Navarrete) $19.95 each

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