Photo Gallery

Founders of Mugendo

Shihan Meiji Suzuki (kicking)

with Shihan Petar Mejic

Shihan Mason holds artwork that was a gift from Global Martial Arts Federation
Grand Master James A. L. Dussault

Shihan Mason in Tokyo, Japan at the invitation of Master Ishii founder of K-1 


Six new Black Belts with their instructor:

L-R                     Page Becks, Joshua McCoy, Shihan Mason, Sean Harper, Ash Ouellette, Max Becks and Dustin Collins

Shihan Mason receives a plaque from a group of new Junior Black Belts.

L-R Nima Tahmassebi, Joseph Winn, Sensei Mason, Lisa Wolf and Scott Vance

Tom Clark, Matt Bergstresser, Leigh Buchalter, Brian Stamp, Ray Navarrete, Brian Polsky, Mike Ahearn, Shihan Robert Mason, Jeff Bernard, Pattie Embick, Chris Young, Rick Marchese, Sean Pent and Bob DiRocco

Sensei Charles Lewis (Black pants) and Mike Fernandez Bo versus Hanbo demonstration

Shihan Mason competing in 1983

Jay Leno with Mr. Mason at the NSGA World Sports Expo in Chicago. July 1998

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Shihan Mason working out with British Kickboxing Champion Chris Kent 7th Dan

Mr. Kent is featured in the Funkicks video "Funkicks on the beach" for home training in Fitness Kickboxing

Shihan Mason teaching Tom Clark (white) in 1980

From left: Doug Powell, Christine Jacobi, Mr. Mason, Max Feige, Jeff Bernard on the set of the movie Miami Models

Sensei Charles Lewis (kicking) in winning form at the 1987 PKL Regional Championships

From left: Karen Shepherd, Cathy Long, Robert Mason and Cindy Rothrock NSGA '98 in Chicago

Rodrigo Navarrete (5th Dan)

Funkicks Head Instructor

Richard Brandon, Rodrigo Navarrete, Larry Lam and Robert Mason at the Chuck Norris Expo '98

Shihan Mason gets a kick from Sensei Pattie Embick illustrating a self defense scenario

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